Now’s the Time

5 06 2012

According to this article from AOL’s auto section, now is the best time to buy a new car. They had several good points, but we can think of a few more.

1. Fuel Economy – Of the same make and model, a newer vehicle almost always gets better mileage over previous model years.

The AOL article pointed out that this is due to technological advances under the hood – adding extra gears to the automatic transmission, and also making use of fuel injection systems and/or turbochargers to crank the power out of engines with fewer cylinders.

We’ll also add that other, non-engine related differences might help increase fuel economy.

More specifically, tires specifically tuned to work with particular models (the Buick Verano comes to mind), as well as Nitrogen tire inflation both work together to help keep tires better inflated, wearing down less, and reducing friction on the road.

2. Power – the same advances that give you better fuel economy give you more power. A turbocharged Buick Regal will perform better than one that isn’t, and who wouldn’t love the extra oomph from the engine of a new GMC Sierra when hauling a load?

3. Safety – thanks again to technological advances, it’s become affordable to place airbags in critical places, such as side curtains and thorax protection on most new Buick models.

It’s also become affordable for automatic traction control, as well as backup cameras and/or parking assist to come equipped on most new Buick and GMC models.

4. Convenience Features – Although On*Star has been standard on many new GM vehicles for the better part of a decade, the in-vehicle options have definitely advanced.

The GMC Acadia can be equipped with an in-dash navigation unit, and select Buicks and GMCs have the Intellilink Stereo System.

These systems can play AM, FM, XM, CD’s, stream Pandora and Stitcher radio stations from a paired iPhone or Android, play audio from a connected USB device, or via 1/8″ jack to audio device output.

Let’s not forget the heated and/or cooled seating, hands free Bluetooth phone pairing, On*Star back-up hands free calling, and parking assist!

5. Easier Financing – The economy’s been picking up, and the banks are willing to loan to more people than before. This means you have a much easier time of securing the lowest rates. There’s many different lending sources to choose from, and if cash is not an option, we can work with you on finding the best source for you… and your wallet.

6. Vehicle Protection – Gone are the days when there were only a handful of ways to protect your vehicle from both external and internal damage. Though several of those methods are still in play, there’s also a few more to consider (all without necessarily breaking the bank)

Extended service plans have become more customizable, guaranteeing you’ll have piece of mind for whatever’s lurking down the road. There’s an option for lost key care, saving you from those times when you’re just not sure where they are.

And if you have small and medium sized dents, we have a possibility of flawlessly removing them without damaging the paint.

What about protecting the paint job and the interior?

There’s different paint sealants to purchase, sure, and of course the infamous Scotch-Guard and Armor-All surface protectors. But, these items can require reapplication, and in some instances can do more harm than good if you’re not careful.

We offer a Commodore Coatings system that bonds on a molecular level to both the exterior and interior of the vehicle for lifetime protection. It comes with a 3 or 5 year warranty, and makes your vehicle extremely easy to clean.

The exterior protection virtually eliminates anything sticking to the outside, as well as protects against sun damage and acid rain damage. The interior protection has 2 elements – a leather/vinyl protection against cracking and fading from sun damage, and the Texguard system which penetrates through to the root of the cloth fibers and provides lasting protection against spills.

This, of course, is all available now. And we’ll be here for when you’re ready to take a look.


Puppies, Kitties… and Shoes?

5 06 2012

Cute, cuddly, and always in the hunt for that red laser dot or a spare treat. We love your pets, that’s why we’ve devoted part of our dealership to toys, treats, and foods for them – we also enjoy it when you bring them in with you!

But sometimes bad things happen, and your pet has cancer.

In a similar thought, what are some of the things that we all see as a necessity?

Food, water, shelter, clothing… and shoes! In fact, shoes are sometimes needed more than clothes that certain shoe companies have actually started donating their products to protect people’s feet!

Even here in #RVA, there are children who have outgrown or outworn their shoes without having access to another pair.

Therefore, we’ve teamed up with two different non-profit organizations to help!

FETCH-a-Cure’s main goals are to provide assistance to those families whose pets have cancer, and also spread awareness and education about such maladies. We’re continuously working with them, and the results are usually extremely fun events all can enjoy.

This time is no different – on May 16th, the Richmond Flying Squirrels are hosting Bark in the Park night #1, where you and your puppy can enjoy a night of baseball.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets – but in order to win you have to send us a picture of your puppy, kitty, or other animal you have. We’ll post ’em to the Facebook page, and the one with the most likes by May 15th will win!

To the shoes – we’re working with the James Farrior Foundation to provide shoes to local area kids who need them in the Shoes for Summer program. On May 19th, we’ll be giving the shoes away at the Richmond Raiders game.

Not only will we donate a pair of shoes for every vehicle sold between now and May 15th, but we also have your pair of tickets to win!

Just e-mail or tweet us @haleybuickgmc to register to win!