Puppies, Kitties… and Shoes?

5 06 2012

Cute, cuddly, and always in the hunt for that red laser dot or a spare treat. We love your pets, that’s why we’ve devoted part of our dealership to toys, treats, and foods for them – we also enjoy it when you bring them in with you!

But sometimes bad things happen, and your pet has cancer.

In a similar thought, what are some of the things that we all see as a necessity?

Food, water, shelter, clothing… and shoes! In fact, shoes are sometimes needed more than clothes that certain shoe companies have actually started donating their products to protect people’s feet!

Even here in #RVA, there are children who have outgrown or outworn their shoes without having access to another pair.

Therefore, we’ve teamed up with two different non-profit organizations to help!

FETCH-a-Cure’s main goals are to provide assistance to those families whose pets have cancer, and also spread awareness and education about such maladies. We’re continuously working with them, and the results are usually extremely fun events all can enjoy.

This time is no different – on May 16th, the Richmond Flying Squirrels are hosting Bark in the Park night #1, where you and your puppy can enjoy a night of baseball.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets – but in order to win you have to send us a picture of your puppy, kitty, or other animal you have. We’ll post ’em to the Facebook page, and the one with the most likes by May 15th will win!

To the shoes – we’re working with the James Farrior Foundation to provide shoes to local area kids who need them in the Shoes for Summer program. On May 19th, we’ll be giving the shoes away at the Richmond Raiders game.

Not only will we donate a pair of shoes for every vehicle sold between now and May 15th, but we also have your pair of tickets to win!

Just e-mail haleybuickgmc@gmail.com or tweet us @haleybuickgmc to register to win!




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