The Car Buying Experience: Straightforward

13 09 2012

“Our process for purchasing a vehicle is simply a low-pressure, straightforward and honest approach.”

Sounds like another piece of marketing hype, right? What if it were true?

Guess what, it is!

Let’s take a look at what makes it low-pressure, straightforward, and honest.

 Pt. I Simply Straightforward

Think of the process it takes to purchase a home.

 You decide to move for one of dozens of reasons, and start searching around for which neighborhood you’d like to live in.

Though you might take a spin around this neighborhood, it takes the help of a qualified Realtor to find the home perfect for you.

You locate this home, and take a tour – the Realtor lets you know about the house’s unique features and the value they can bring, and you get to decide if it’s the right one.

From there, the Realtor guides you to either more houses to look at, or through the paperwork process so that you’ll become the new owner.

Just switch the words “home” and “house” for “vehicle,” and “Realtor” with “Sales Consultant.” In a nutshell, you have the exact same process on our lot – it’s your investment, therefore you’re in control.

To see how easy this is, visit us at, call us at (804) 320-9054, or just drop by at 9811 Midlothian Tpk, Richmond VA, 23235!




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