Service Certifications

18 09 2012

“Our technicians are ASE Certified!”

This is the most typical boast of any service repair shop.

ASE is short for Automotive Service Excellence, a nationally recognized certification for providing a common standard of service. It certainly sounds impressive, and it can be; a certified technician must have at least two years of relevant work experience and have passed a rigorous test to be retaken every five years after initial certification.

However, this certification is basic. 

Though it may be praised, the ASE is a very basic certification that only allows a technician to make few basic repairs without specialization in any brand.

Look for manufacturer-trained technicians.

Not only can the manufacturer-trained technician perform more jobs at a more effective level, they are also certified to work on all vehicles within his dealership’s respective brands. They’re also required to take both live and online courses, and complete extensive assessment tests.

Search for certifications from other agencies.

Body repair centers will almost always have ASE certifications, but they might also have certifications from other agencies like i-Car. Different brands prove the shop’s dedication to educated service.

Find out how many technicians are certified.

It doesn’t matter how much you know about the certification process if the mechanic servicing your car isn’t certified. Discover how many technicians are certified and how often these certifications are renewed.

The most important thing to remember when selecting your shop:

ASE only certifies for service standards, while manufacturer-training and the training of other agencies provide dynamic training, more strenuous exams, and force technicians to remain current in the constantly changing world of automotive repairs.

All of these tips can be performed with a few simple questions. Never be afraid to ask; it’s your money and way of life that you’re protecting.




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