Crazy Credit? We Can Help!

25 10 2012

Your past has been kind of financially shaky – things didn’t always go your way. Making any large purchase, such as a newer vehicle, is always on hold until you can find a way to fix the problem.

Given your situation, you might feel you have to go to a second-rate dealership and expect to drive off the lot with a second-rate vehicle, with a price-tag you can’t necessarily afford.

However, “you are pre-qualified for an auto loan.”

Hearing those words, you might be skeptical – “How is that possible? My past doesn’t look all that great…”

Here’s how the process works:

1. You receive a formal notification from the dealership letting you know that you’re pre-approved and to call a number or contact the Special Finance Manager to find out the size of loan you’re pre-qualified for.

2. After thinking it over, and discovering your loan amount by calling that number, you get in contact with our Special Finance Manager and schedule a consultation.

3. You attend your consultation, where we discuss your situation and explain the processes involved. We take the time to carefully answer any questions you may have, and also help you select the best vehicle with respect to your preferences and budget.

From there, your experience will be equal to what our standard sales process is – the only major difference is that our Special Finance Manager assists you step-by-step, meaning they will take care of your needs from scheduling a consultation to making sure you’re satisfied after a purchase.

We at Haley Buick GMC have thought about it – when we say “We help our community,” we mean it. That means finding ways to help those that have hit rough times, and get everyone into a vehicle they want to drive. So come on over, we’d love the chance to give you satisfaction and peace of mind in your next automotive purchasing decision… to make you happy!




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