Tackle Sickle Cell

5 04 2012

Benched just like that, no arguments with Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin, two-time Super Bowl champ Ryan Clark was forced to sit out of a crucial game in their 2011-2012 post-season.

“The last time Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ryan Clark played a game in Colorado, he nearly died, the Associated Press reports, highlighting a series of health scares that led to this week’s decision by coach Mike Tomlin to bench the 32-year-old safety during this Sunday’s (January 8, 2012) wildcard game in Denver.” (via Huffington Post)

But this isn’t a case of celebrity vanity, nor a situation confined to just one man.

This health scare is Sickle Cell Trait, referred to as SCT by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is closely related to the more widely know Sickly Cell Disease (SCD), which is more severe.

Diagnosed in 2007 after the aforementioned game in Colorado, it was found Ryan Clark has SCT. What he experienced in the Rocky Mountains was a “pain scare,” which can be caused by low oxygen levels, dehydration, high altitude, and increased atmospheric pressure (and no, not the pressures of being a Pittsburgh Steeler during playoffs!)

While it’s obvious those factors are involved when playing NFL-caliber football in Colorado – especially in winter – it’s not such an obvious affliction to the 1 in 12 African Americans that inherit SCT, or the roughly 100,000 Americans (info via CDC) with SCD.

That’s why Ryan’s fellow teammate, and Richmond, Virginia native James Farrior, decided to do something to help. Not being a doctor himself, he was able to pair up with the VCU Medical Center’s Sickle Cell research teams to help raise money and awareness.

From this, there is a way for anyone to get involved and help Tackle Sickle Cell on April 27th. This event is at the Richmond Marriott Downtown. Not only will there be food and fun for everyone, but is also your chance to meet James Farrior and Ryan Clark!

For more details, please visit the event page here or the Foundation’s page here!


Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center

27 03 2012

We at Haley Buick GMC know the value of helping the community. If it weren’t for the Richmond, VA area and all of the wonderfully diverse folks within, we could not exist.

Richmond Skyline via http://bit.ly/GV1ukC

One of the groups within our community that really deserves special attention is the Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center, located off of Old Buckingham Road in Powhatan Co.

Veteran Drill Team Support Group via http://bit.ly/GV2xBa

Truly a non-profit, they thrive solely from volunteer efforts and private donations with the mission of bringing wounded veterans from McGuire Woods VA Medical Center a chance to regain their strength and courage to live a normal life with honor and dignity.

Founded in January, 2008, they have already helped over 840 veterans do so.

From stable-hands to facility maintenance… even people to serve lunch, volunteers are needed year round to keep the program on this 7-acre facility running smoothly.

Legless Veteran Rider - via http://bit.ly/GW4gGR

While many say they proudly support our troops at home and abroad, those involved with Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center get to experience first-hand the thrill of giving back to a soldier who had sacrificed for their country.

First Contact via http://bit.ly/GW4xJT

With your help, Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center can reach their 1,000th rider and more! Go here to get involved, call (804) 357-9524, or drop by at 6137 Old Buckingham Rd, Powhatan VA, 23139.