Things to Know: Pit Stop Edition

9 07 2012

If you’ve been around long enough to remember full service gas stations, lived in New Jersey, or experienced the few remaining stations around Richmond, chances are you remember these stations provided service past pumping your gas for you.

For those who haven’t experienced it at a gas station, just subtract the gas pump – that’s exactly what we provide at Haley Buick GMC. Best part is that this experience is completely free!

What can you expect? Why would you do it? Are we sure it’s free?

Yes, it’s free!

Come in during our service hours: M-F 7am – 8pm; Sa 8am – 4pm. No paperwork to do either, just fast and friendly service.

What we do:

1. Greet you

2. Wash your windshield

3. Check and replenish fluids under your hood

4. Give a visual inspection of your oil

5. Check and refill or replenish air or Nitrogen in your tires

6. Let you know if anything requires a further inspection

What’s in it for you:

1. Free fluid replacement!

Forget heading to the store, buying jugs of windshield fluid or antifreeze, finding a funnel and loading your vehicle – only to have that last 1/4 of a container left… not enough to use, but too much to toss… and then figuring out where to store it before ultimately forgetting about it before your next fill.

The Haley Buick GMC Pit Stop will do it for you for free, without the headache of buying and storing fluids and their funnels.

2. Free air and Nitrogen refill/replenishment!

Instead of driving all over town finding the cheapest air pump, scrounging up quarters from under your seat, and then yanking a hose that repeatedly lodges itself under one of your tires every time you go to the next one – all before the pump’s timer runs out. And, if you have Nitrogen installed, not even being able to find a pump without heading to a place charging a pretty penny for the service… causing you to fill with regular air anyways.

We have a dedicated air pump and a technician to inflate your tires to the correct PSI – no quarters needed. Nitrogen is just as easy, whether you only need a refill or a full replenishment to purge out the regular air you might have refilled with, we can do it for you as a free service.

3. Free multi-point check

You have a million things to do. Though your car seems to be running perfect, you have the good ‘ol check engine (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) on, and you can’t seem to figure out what it could be – any Internet search you can do always comes up with ten different unlikely scenarios. Short on time, and needing a fix before it gets worse, you drive into a service station that winds up charging you just to look at it when the solution is a simple adjustment.

In the Haley Buick GMC Pit Stop, we have the ability to take a quick look and see if there’s anything out of place. If you’re noticing something when driving, just let us know – we can pull your vehicle into our shop for a fast and free multi-point inspection to find out what’s going on – your call on what to do next!